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security camera installation

Top articles

  • Install Security cameras can Lower Insurance Rates for Home and Business Owners

    31 mai 2016 ( #security camera )

    This is one question you should ask the security expert that assesses your security camera system for your home or business and upgrades as he should be able to give you a 'heads up' when it comes to this sort of information and which insurance companies...

  • intercom installation NY

    01 août 2016

    Some intercom systems have a memory to store images, with the time and date tagged for later viewing. This can be of great help should there be need of evidence in the event of a crime or mishap. High-end multitenant residential intercom systems also...

  • How Does A Security Camera Work?

    20 mars 2017

    One of the worst materials a security camera installation would have to go through would be metal, these types of security cameras are high frequency cameras and are very expensive. Most wireless cameras are limited to four different frequencies while...

  • In Some States Security Cameras Are Being Put Into School Buses

    20 mars 2017

    With the use of a security camera if a fight does break out the offenders can then be dealt with accordingly. While not all school buses have security cameras on board, the number is rising throughout the United States. And, there have been accounts that...